Oakley Nursery grow 9cm, 10cm, and 13cm pot bedding in a wide range of plant varieties. Our 9cm range consists of all the top selling plants, all with the same colour card labels to provide consistency and uniformity at retail end.

Our carefully selected range ensures our 9cm offer is perfect for customers to transplant into tubs and hanging baskets to create their own individual colour schemes to suit their tastes.

We are able to load 36×18 (648 pots) per trolley or 900 pots per pallet on the boxed option. Each base tray contains 18 9cm pots for ease of handling.

10cm pots are used for Geraniums and Begonias to offer a great and lower retail option to the larger 13cm range, for these very versatile plants. Again uniform and consistent colour card labelling is used. Plants are based up in 15’s and can be loaded 420 pots per trolley (28×15) or 750 per pallet on the boxed choice.

10cm usually means we can get colour onto the plants for our customers to offer instant P.O.S.

pot bedding1
pot bedding

13cm pots are grown to offer instant colour and immediate patio or garden finish. Larger pots can be easily re-planted in patio containers to provide an instant colourful display.

We are able to load 192 pots per trolley (24 bases x 8) 280 pots per pallet on the boxed option.