Oakley Nursery grows a wide range of varieties for pack bedding.

Our main pack for volume is the plastic 10 pack which consists of 10 uniform plants per pack offering great value to the retail customer. Each pack comes with colour card label offering point of sale information and planting tips.

From a distribution angle the 10 pack comes in base trays of 4 and offers easy handling and transportation capabilities, as we are able to load 180 packs per trolley (45×4).

We are also able to get 200 packs per pallet for those customers who prefer the boxed option.

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Our other main pack is the polystyrene double six. This gives those customers wishing to provide a larger plant at trail end a competitive option.

Each D/6 can either be sold as a twelve pack or can be divided into two to then provide a six pack option to suit every marketing possibility.

Each D/6 comes with two colour card labels, again offering care and P.O.S. information. Also this offers a colour card for each 6 pack if the split selling option is required.

Transportation wise, we can load 72 double 6’s per trolley (144 x six packs) and again those looking for the outer box option we would get 100 x D/6’s per pallet.