Oakley Grower Services (OGS) imports a range of fresh produce from around the world, including from the furthest point possible, at the bottom of Australia, from the island of Tasmania.

Some of the produce we import is counter-seasonal to the produce we grow on our own farms at Oakley, such as broccoli and courgettes, whilst some produce is counter-seasonal to our UK sourced produce; bought from various growers we work exclusively with. An example of this is; onions that we import directly from Tasmanian growers in Australia, which follow on perfectly from our UK onion season.

Other countries we source produce from include; Belgium, Holland, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, and Egypt.

At OGS, our aim is to work directly with growers, and/or growers organisations, from around the world, developing long-term relationships, which lead to retaining exclusivity with certain brands.

Our partners from overseas, recognise that as a growing organisation ourselves, we are very well positioned in understanding the cost of growing a product, that when coupled with the logistical cost of shipping goods around the world, needs to be recognised, in order to produce a commercially acceptable outcome for all parties involved.