Oakley Grower Services (OGS), is fortunate to be able to access from its own farm, a range of produce, grown, harvested, and packed to the highest specification, and done so adhering to all protocols and accreditations, demanded by all the top multiple chains on the high street. This ensures that all our food service clients benefit from receiving only the best quality standards.

We also offer most of our products packed in our own branded packaging, which allows us to offer customers exclusivity on certain lines, which in turn allows them to offer the same to their clients.

Daily contact with our customers by telephone or email, allows us to offer daily, weekly, and fortnightly pricing, along with updating the latest range of seasonal products available.

OGS offers as an option, seasonal prices for those customers that require the stability needed in their business, allowing forward contracts to be entered into, safe in the knowledge of being fully supported by OGS, with the guarantee of a continuity of supply, at a price that remains constant throughout the season.