Broccoli in Nursery

Broccoli plants are raised locally and are grown in accordance with Red Tractor protocols. Different cell sizes are used,126, 216 or 345 plants per tray depending on the time of year.

Tractor and broccoli

The plants are transplanted to the field at regular intervals from the beginning of March to the end of July to give a continuous supply of broccoli covering the full UK season from June to November.

First plantings of Broccoli

The first plantings of broccoli are covered with fleece or polythene to promote growth and give earlier availability.

Monitored Broccoli

Our broccoli is monitored from planting through to maturity by BASIS qualified agronomists for any signs of pest or disease. No routine spraying is carried out, we will only use plant protection product if a problem is detected. Only plant protection products which are on our customers permitted list will be applied.

Broccoli harvest

Broccoli is harvested at the optimum time to maximise yield and fall within customer specifications. Fieldsmen regularly inspect the fields to ensure the harvesting is carried out at the correct time.